What is Apologetics?


Welcome to Lesson #1: What is Apologetics?

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In this first session, I'll give you a historical and philosophical overview of Apologetics. There is a lot of ground for us to cover, so this session will be a little longer than the rest. But I think you'll really enjoy it.

Throughout this course, I'd ask that you keep a couple things on the back-burner as we explore the topic of Apologetics: 

  1. First, our goal when using Apologetics is never to simply win an argument. Instead, it should always be to remove obstacles on the way to the cross. Saving faith and assurance is found in Christ alone, so everything we say and do should ultimately point people to the cross.
  2. Second, it is just as important to understand why a question is being asked, as it is to understand how best to answer it. People aren't always looking for a philosophical answer or evidential proof–more often than not, they need someone to listen and proclaim the Gospel to them.

I'm excited for this.
Let's get started, shall we?

- Adam


Adam Francisco

Adam is Director of Academics and Scholar in Residence at 1517. He earned his DPhil from the University of Oxford in 2006 and served as Professor of History, Dean, and Assistant Provost in the Concordia University System for nearly two decades.


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