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Faith and Reason

Have you ever wrestled with challenging questions and found yourself torn between your faith and reason? Are you seeking to delve deeper into the profound connections between theology and philosophy, religion and science, and how they relate to your Christian beliefs? Perhaps, your own journey has forced you to ask the question:

Is Christian Faith Reasonable ?

In today's world, where questions abound and answers seem elusive, this course aims to equip you with the tools to navigate the intricacies of faith and reason from a distinctly Christian perspective. Developed by 1517, this captivating exploration will delve into the age-old debates and seek biblical insights to some of the most profound philosophical and theological queries.

Join Dr. Adam Francisco–1517 Scholar-in-Residence, 1517 Academic Director, and editor of, "The Resurrection Fact"–as he explores the relationship between faith and reason.


Topics Covered in the Course

  • Faith and Reason: An Introduction

  • What does Jerusalem have to do with Athens?

  • Where does reason end and faith begin?

  • Can God’s existence be proved by reason?

  • What does theology have to do with science?

  • Is Christian faith reasonable?


Let's Get Started

This course contains six sessions, each containing a video lesson, course notes, and a quiz. You are also invited to join the discussion throughout the course as you watch these videos. You can complete this course at your own pace. So we encourage you to work through it at whatever pace is most comfortable for you. At the end, you will receive a 'Course Completion Certificate' via email. 



Adam Francisco

Adam Francisco is Director of Academics and scholar in residence at 1517. He earned his DPhil from the University of Oxford and has two decades of experience teaching history, philosophy, and theology. He is cohost of The Thinking Fellows podcast, author of a number of books, articles, and translations, and popular speaker on the topics of Christian apologetics, worldview, and the religion of Islam. He and his wife, Rachel, have four children, are care providers for foster children, and live in Wheaton, Illinois.


Faith and Reason (Introduction)
What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem?
Where does reason end and faith begin?
Can God’s existence be proved by reason?
What Does Theology Have to do with Science?
Is Christian Faith Reasonable?

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